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Homemade Kerala Karkkidaka Marunnu, Authentic Thalassery Karkkidaka Marunnu, കർക്കിടകം സ്പെഷ്യൽ മരുന്ന്, Uluva Marunnu, Fenugreek Marunnu, Methi Seeds Marunnu Buy Online

Karkidaka Marunnu is a traditional Kerala Medicine with lots of health benefits which is prepared in Karkidakam (during monsoon seasons) in Kerala.

It’s a combination of various Ayurvedic plants /seeds which have medicinal values such as Fenugreek (ഉലുവ ), Garden cress seeds (ആശാളി ), Flax seeds/linseed (ചതോപ്പ), Ajwain seeds(അയമോദകം ), Black cumin seeds (കരിഞ്ചീരകം), Thettambaral (തേറ്റാമ്പരല്‍), Wild cumin seeds (കാട്ടു ജീരകം), sesame seeds(എള്ള് ), Badam etc. It is a little bitter and a little sweet in taste. Usually, we have to take it for 7 days continuously. This is a natural medicine for cholesterol, helps for weight loss, and skin health. It is also a good immune-boosting.

Our products are homemade and we are not adding any artificial preservatives and additives.

Ingredients: Fenugreek, Garden cress seeds, Flax seeds/linseed, Ajwain seeds, Black cumin seeds, Wild cumin seeds, sesame seeds, Badam, Groundnut, Thettambaral, Cashew, Shallots, Sharkkara, etc

Storage: In a dry and cool place
Shelf life: 3 months