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Wayanad Special Thora maanga (വയനാടൻ തൊറമാങ്ങ, Dried Raw Mango Pickle, Thoramanga) buy online

Thora maanga, വയനാടൻ തൊറമാങ്ങ, Dried Raw Mango Pickle  - is a traditional dish from Wayanad which is made using raw mangoes. 

Thoramaanga has a long shelf life as the mangoes used to make, is dried under sun for 3-4 days. Only dry spices are used to make this pickle and they are stored in tight containers.

This yummy Thoramaanaga can be mixed with fresh curd to have with rice. No other curries are required to have rice or parathas  if we have Thoramaanga with us.