Natural Ramacham Body Scrubber (Vetiver roots scrubber) 3 in 1 pack Buy Online

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Natural Ramacham Body Scrubber, Vetiver roots scrubber, രാമച്ചം ബാത്ത് സ്ക്രബര്‍, Khus Root Body Scrub Buy Online

Vetiver roots, രാമച്ചം ,have been used in Ayurvedic compositions for many years. In India, it is  commonly known as “Khus” or “Ramacham”. The ramacham plant is native to the southern regions of the Indian sub-continent and has been recognized for its ability to thrive during the searing summer season. Unlike other grasses, the root system of Khus grows down into the ground, making it perfect for helping to reduce erosion and encouraging soil stabilisation.

Ramacham is used in Ayurveda for treating 'Vata' and 'Pitta' imbalances as they are having calming and cooling properties

Also this root is widely used in aroma therapy sue to its calming effect for treating  relieving anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

These  fully hand-woven Ramacham body bath scrubber is natural and antibacterial. Ramacham scrubber has been used traditionally in Kerala as it keeps skin soft and smooth, cools the body, improve blood circulation and relieves tension along with pleasant fragrance to your body.  You will feel refreshed after bathing when you use Vetiver root scrubber

One scrubber can be used for a month if properly cleaned and kept dry

How to use Ramacham Scrubber 

Soak the scrubber in water (preferably lukewarm  water) for 10 minute which will help the scrubber to be soft and release the essential oil which makes the scrubber aromatic. 

Gently massage your body with the root during bathing which would remove dead skin cells and gives rejuvenating effect to your skin.

This Ramacham scrubber come as 3 in 1 pack.