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Thalassery Banana Chips (Ethakka Upperi) Buy online

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Thalassery Banana Chips, Kaya Varuthathu, Kerala Plantain Chips, ഏത്തക്ക/നേന്ത്രക്കാ ഉപ്പേരി, Nendran Banana Chips, Ethakka Chips  Buy online Kerala Banana Chips (Ethakka/Nenthrakka Upperi(ഏത്തക്ക/നേന്ത്രക്കാ ഉപ്പേരി)) is an authentic tasty and crispy snack which is very popular throughout Kerala. It is one of the...
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Thalassery Sharkara Varatti (Sweet Plantain Chips) Buy Online

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Thalassery Sarkara Varatti, Sarkara Upperi, Sweet Plantain Chips, Sharkara Varatti, ശർക്കര വരട്ടി  Buy Online Sharkara varatti, ശർക്കര വരട്ടി, is one of the must have dishes in any Kerala Sadya which is made with raw banana and jaggery mixed with other herbs,...
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Thalassery Special Sweet Banana Chips (Ripe banana chips) Buy online

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Thalassery special sweet banana chips, Ripe banana chips, ഏത്ത പഴം വറുത്തത്, Ripe Nendran Banana Chips, Ripe Ethakka Chips  Buy onlineThalassery Ripe Banana chips are very special as it is Mildy sweet and crispy. Good quality coconut oil is used...
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Natural Raw Banana Powder (Kannan Kaya Podi) Buy Online

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Natural Raw Banana Powder, Kaya Podi, Kannan Kaya podi, Kannan Kaya Powder,കണ്ണൻകായ ഉണക്കി പൊടിച്ചത്, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി Organic Raw Banana Powder (No Pesticides) Buy Online In Kerala, Raw Banana Powder, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി, is considered as the first food for babies other than mom's...