Thalassery Special Sweet Banana Chips (Ripe banana chips) Buy online

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Rs. 410.00

Thalassery special sweet banana chips, Ripe banana chips, ഏത്ത പഴം വറുത്തത്, Ripe Nendran Banana Chips, Ripe Ethakka Chips  Buy online

Thalassery Ripe Banana chips are very special as it is Mildy sweet and crispy. Good quality coconut oil is used to fry the chips. Best quality ripe bananas are collected from farmers to make these chips. After removing the outer skin, Then cut into thin slices…as thin as possible and directly put into good quality boiling coconut oil. Flip over and fry until reddish-brown(should be crisp). Crispy chips will be removed from Coconut oil and drain.

  1. Ripe Banana/Nenthran Kaya/Ethakka 
  2. Coconut Oil for frying