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Natural Ramacham Body Scrubber (Vetiver roots scrubber) 3 in 1 pack Buy Online

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Natural Ramacham Body Scrubber, Vetiver roots scrubber, രാമച്ചം ബാത്ത് സ്ക്രബര്‍, Khus Root Body Scrub Buy Online Vetiver roots, രാമച്ചം ,have been used in Ayurvedic compositions for many years. In India, it is  commonly known as “Khus” or “Ramacham”. The ramacham plant...
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Ajwain Seeds (Ayamodakam) - Buy Online

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Ajwain Seeds, Ayamodakam, Carom Seeds, അയമോദകം Buy Online Ajwain seeds, അയമോദകം, are the dried fruits of Ajwain herb which are Asian Spices used for adding flavours to various Indian dishes. These seeds have a pungent and bitter taste. Carom seeds are miraculously...
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Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil (Pulthylam) Buy Online

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Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil, Pulthylam, Injipulthylam, തെരുവപ്പുല്ല് തൈലം, ഇഞ്ചിപ്പുൽ തൈലം, ലെമൺ ഗ്രാസ് ഓയിൽ  Botanical Name West Indian: Cymbopogon citratus East Indian: Cymbopogon flexuosus Lemongrass, ഇഞ്ചിപ്പുൽ തൈലം, is a perennial, tropical, grassy plant, usually used in cooking and herbal medicines. This oil is an...
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Amukkuram (Ashwagandha) Buy Online

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Amukkuram, Ashwagandha, അമുക്കുരം, Indian Ginseng, അശ്വഗന്ധ Buy Online Amukkuram (അമുക്കുരം) or Ashwagandha (അശ്വഗന്ധ ) - a perennial shrub, mostly grown in certain areas of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan - is an Ayurvedic root . It is also known as Indian Ginsen. The...