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Umikkari (Salt and Pepper activated Charcoal Teeth Cleaner) Buy Online

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Umikkari, Salt and spiced activated Rice Hulls Charcoal Teeth Cleaner, ഉമിക്കരി Buy Online Umikkari - a black powder - traditional natural activated charcoal made out of rice hulls which has been used for years in dental cleaning. This Umikkari...
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Ajwain Seeds (Ayamodakam) - Buy Online

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Ajwain Seeds, Ayamodakam, Carom Seeds, അയമോദകം Buy Online Ajwain seeds, അയമോദകം, are the dried fruits of Ajwain herb which are Asian Spices used for adding flavours to various Indian dishes. These seeds have a pungent and bitter taste. Carom seeds are miraculously...
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Panam Kalkandam (Palm Sugar) Buy Online

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Panam Kalkandam (Palm Sugar) പനം കൽക്കണ്ടം, Sugar Candy is also known as Panang kalkandu, Palm lump sugar is made from a sweet drink called panam pathaneer. This is extracted from the flower of palmera tree (panai maram), tapping the sap from the...
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Cashew Nuts W210 (Jumbo) Buy Online

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Cashew Nuts W210 (Jumbo), Kasuvandi, Kaju, കശുവണ്ടി Buy Online Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped seeds collected from the cashew tree — a tropical tree native to Brazil. It is cultivated in many parts of India as the weather is suitable...
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Arrowroot Powder (Koova Podi) Buy Online

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Arrowroot Powder, Koova Podi, Kuva Podi, Koova Nooru, കൂവപ്പൊടി ,കൂവനൂറ് Buy Online  Arrowroot Powder (കൂവപ്പൊടി ), called also Koova Podi is a digestible starch extracted from the roots of ‘Maranta Arundinacea’ plant also known as the arrowroot plant. This plant is native...
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Amukkuram (Ashwagandha) Buy Online

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Amukkuram, Ashwagandha, അമുക്കുരം, Indian Ginseng, അശ്വഗന്ധ Buy Online Amukkuram (അമുക്കുരം) or Ashwagandha (അശ്വഗന്ധ ) - a perennial shrub, mostly grown in certain areas of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan - is an Ayurvedic root . It is also known as Indian Ginsen. The...
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Natural Raw Banana Powder (Kannan Kaya Podi) Buy Online

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Natural Raw Banana Powder, Kaya Podi, Kannan Kaya podi, Kannan Kaya Powder,കണ്ണൻകായ ഉണക്കി പൊടിച്ചത്, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി Organic Raw Banana Powder (No Pesticides) Buy Online In Kerala, Raw Banana Powder, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി, is considered as the first food for babies other than mom's...
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Homemade Kerala Garlic Pickle (Veluthulli Achar) Buy Online

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Homemade Kerala Garlic Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Vellulli Achar, വെളുത്തുള്ളി അച്ചാർ, Lahsun Ka Achar Buy Online. Homemade Garlic Pickle (വെളുത്തുള്ളി അച്ചാർ) is one of the most authentic and tastiest Kerala Garlic pickle. It is made from fresh garlic cloves, it’s naturally fermented...
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Traditional Cast iron Kadai (Traditional Cast iron Chatti) Buy Online

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Traditional Cast iron Kadai, Traditional Cast iron chatti, Traditional Cast iron Cheena Chatti, ഇരുമ്പ്/കാസ്റ്റ്‌ അയൺ ചട്ടി Buy Online Researchers say that cooking in cast iron can enriches the iron content of foods. It can even aid in correcting iron...
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Traditional Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (Iron Dosa Kal Tawa) Buy Online

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Traditional Cast Iron Dosa Tawa, Cast Iron Dosa Kal Tawa, കാസ്റ്റ് ഇരുമ്പ് തവ, കാസ്റ്റ് ഇരുമ്പ് ദോശക്കല്ല് Buy Online Researchers say that cooking in cast iron can enriches the iron content of foods. It can even aid in correcting iron...
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Traditional Cast iron Unniyappam Pan (Paniyaram Chatti)Buy Online

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Traditional Cast iron Unniyappam Pan, Paniyaram Chatti,  Unni Appam Chatti, Appakara, AppaChatti ഉണ്ണിയപ്പം ചട്ടി Buy Online  Unniappam is a delicious and sweet traditional snack mainly in Kerala which is basically   deep-fried rice sweet fritter. A special vessel is used to...