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Traditional Cast iron Unniyappam Pan, Paniyaram Chatti,  Unni Appam Chatti, Appakara, AppaChatti ഉണ്ണിയപ്പം ചട്ടി Buy Online

 Unniappam is a delicious and sweet traditional snack mainly in Kerala which is basically   deep-fried rice sweet fritter. A special vessel is used to make the uniiappam to get its shape. 

Unni appam made in cast iron Uniiyappam chatti tastes great than in non stick Appam maker. Unlike non-stick Chatti, it is one time investment on it as it can be used for many years when taken care well.

Our Cast Iron Unniappam chatti is 100% pure iron, safe to use and has no chemicals. The thickness and quality of our cast iron Chatti gives it longer life, higher iron contents, retains heat longer and consumes less oil. 

How to season a new Cast Unniyappam Chatti

  1. Soak new Unniyappam Chatti in hot water for 5 minutes to remove materials used for covering it during making/packaging
  2. Rinse the Unniyappam Chatti with dishwasher soap or liquid and a metal scrubber. Scrub thoroughly, wash and dry completely.
  3.  Add 2 tsp of vegetable oil, preferably Gingely oil, and 2 tsp of salt to the Unniyappam Chatti. Accommodate the quantity of oil and salt according to the size of the Unniyappam Chatti.
  4. Spread the mixture throughout so that it is evenly spread over the entire Unniyappam Chatti completely. Leave it as it is for a day or two.
  5. Scrub the Unniyappam Chatti again to remove any dirt on it and wash properly
  6. Fill rice starch or rice washed water in the Unniyappam Chatti for 2 days
  7. Drain water, leave it for some time
  8. Wash it, heat it and your Unniyappam Chattiis ready to use

For longer and better usage of the Unniyappam Chatti, follow these too..

  • Do not wash the Unniyappam Chatti with soap every time after use. Apply some oil and cover it, keep it overnight and wash with water.
  • Before using it, heat the Unniyappam Chatti and wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue.
  • Make sure that the Unniyappam Chatti is hot and seasoned before pouring oil to fry unniappams so that it work as non-stick Kadai

There are two varieties of Unniyappam Chattis - 1 with 5 pits and another with 7 pits.

Dimensions (Approx):

5 pits - Weight - 2 Kg,  Pit Diameter - 5 cm, Diameter - 18 cm 

7 pits - Weight - 2.5 Kg, Pit Diameter - 5 cm, Diameter - 18 cm