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Arrowroot Powder, Koova Podi, Kuva Podi, Koova Nooru, കൂവപ്പൊടി ,കൂവനൂറ് Buy Online

 Arrowroot Powder (കൂവപ്പൊടി ), called also Koova Podi is a digestible starch extracted from the roots of ‘Maranta Arundinacea’ plant also known as the arrowroot plant. This plant is native to South America. In India the arrowroot plant is grown and cultivated in the hilly region of Kerala. This plant is a staple food for the Caribbean Arawak people who have also been using it for its medicinal properties

Arrowroot powder is extracted from the tubers of the arrowroot plant. The cylindrical shaped tubers after being harvested, washed and cleaned are reduced to a pulp which is then washed several times with water and allowed to settle until the product becomes pure white. The sediment is sun-dried till it becomes hard like a cake which is then ground to a powder.

Some of the health benefits of Arrowroot Powder

  • Arrowroot powder is an easily digestible low calorie food  with full of nutrients that can treat several ailments like dysentery, diarrhea, bowel complaints, urinary infections and general cough or bronchitis.
  • Arrowroot powder is very good for infants and children with its soft and digestible nature.
  • Arrowroot powder contains vitamins, minerals and electrolyte. It can be made as an energy drink or a delicious porridge by adding other ingredients like jaggery and ghee for infants.
  • The starch of the powder has several culinary uses. It is used for making cookies, cakes and other bakery products. The starch is used to thicken soups, sauces and puddings giving the dishes a glazed and attractive look
Arrowroot powder can be stored in an airtight container. Refrigerate the container if you want to store it for a longer period as it will retain its freshness for months.