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Panam Kalkandam (Palm Sugar) പനം കൽക്കണ്ടം, Sugar Candy is also known as Panang kalkandu, Palm lump sugar is made from a sweet drink called panam pathaneer. This is extracted from the flower of palmera tree (panai maram), tapping the sap from the inflorescence of the palm tree. Boiling it and until it becomes a syrup. It’s a specialty of districts in southern Tamilnadu like Tirunelveli and northern Sri Lanka as well. The candy is brown and tastes quite different from plain old crystallized sugar candy. It is one of the healthy sugar substitute available on market today

Health benefits:-

It contains minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron& phytonutrients including zinc and potassium.

It has the power to liquefy phlegm from the lungs and is widely used in curing sore throats and bringing down cholesterol levels. It is good for both kids and adults. It reduces heat in our bodies. Panmakalkandam should be used for infants and toddlers, it is good for their health.