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Natural Raw Banana Powder, Kaya Podi, Kannan Kaya podi, Kannan Kaya Powder,കണ്ണൻകായ ഉണക്കി പൊടിച്ചത്, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി Organic Raw Banana Powder (No Pesticides) Buy Online

In Kerala, Raw Banana Powder, കണ്ണൻകായ പൊടി, is considered as the first food for babies other than mom's milk, as it is a complete natural ,fresh food for them which can be made very easily. It is considered as healthy weight gain food.  This powder can be introduced to babies after 6 months.

Health Benefits of Raw Banana Power

  • Easily digestible food and does not cause cold to the babies
  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Improves brain functions for babies
  • Rich in potassium and is packed with nutrients
  • Good for  baby's weight gain


How to make Raw Banana Powder for babies

  • Wash raw Kannan banana and peel the out cover using a knife after cutting both the ends
  • Slice the banana with slicer
  • Sundry the sliced banana for couple of days so that they would be completely dry
  • Powder the dried bananas with a blender and seive the powder.
  • Store them in an air tight container


How to prepare Raw Banana Powder porridge for babies

  • Main ingredients are - Banana Powder, jaggery, ghee and water/milk 
  • With a spatula, mix Kannan banana powder with milk or water until it dissolves
  • Switch on the stove and boil the mixture on medium flame
  • Once it starts cooking add jaggery extract to it
  • Switch off the gas and add ghee for best taste and health