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Sweet flag, Vayambu, Sweet Root, Sweet Sedge, Acorus Calamus, വയമ്പ് Buy Online

Sweet flag, വയമ്പ് , is a a perennial herb, native to India, commonly grows in marsh land or wet area, widely used in Aurveda with its multiple healing benefits. Sweet flag roots are used in traditional medicines.

Some of the benefits of using Vayambu

  • Sweet flag root helps to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Sweet flag helps in giving instant relief in stomach problems. It clears intolerable stomach pain and also relieves headache related with weak digestion.
  •  Sweet flag powder could be mixed with milk to feed the babies to help in healing indigestion.
  • Sweet flag is used in treating mouth ulcers, bad odors and rawness of tongue causes by inflammation.
  • Sweet flag is well known in calming nerves and helping improve memory.
  • Sweet flag root's aroma can give a calming sensation which can be useful to treat insomnia.
  • Sweet flag root is very much used in treating asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  • Sweet flag is very effective to solve Intestinal worms in children