Umikkari (Salt and Pepper activated Charcoal Teeth Cleaner) Buy Online

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Rs. 30.00

Umikkari, Salt and spiced activated Rice Hulls Charcoal Teeth Cleaner, ഉമിക്കരി Buy Online

Umikkari - a black powder - traditional natural activated charcoal made out of rice hulls which has been used for years in dental cleaning. This Umikkari is prepared in a traditional way by burning rice hulls, powdering the resultant charcoal and mixing spices like pepper and cloves with this powder along with salt and lemon juice. This is considered to be the best natural teeth whitening powder.

Benefits of using Umikkari in our day to day life

  • Umikkari helps in stopping tooth decay, bleeding gums and toothache
  • Salt in the Umikkari helps to balance ph value of our mouth which helps to control bacteria in our mouth
  • It helps to reduce bad breath as it contains spices like pepper and cloves
  •  It does not contain any toxins 
  • Natural teeth whitening powder