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Homemade Mixed Chilli Powder, മുളകുപൊടി, Mulaku podi  buy online.

Chilli is always an inevitable spice in every Indian kitchen. Colour, pungency and aroma are the major quality factors of red chilli (chilli peppers). Chillies are allowed to partially dry on the plant. Team nature collects harvested chillies directly from trusted farmers, cleans it with fresh water and are dried in sunlight. Chilli peppers when adequately exposed to sunlight gains maximum colour values and longest colour retention time. The cultivar, the stage of maturity at harvest and subsequent curing, fruit drying conditions and the final moisture content affect the colour of dried chillies. These dried chillies are taken to nearby spice mills to grind. 

Health benefits

Chilli peppers are known for their health benefits. They are promoted for health enhancing effects.

  •  Use of chillies in ones cuisines clears lungs related problem and sinus.
  • It also protects the stomach by increasing the flow of digestive juices.
  •  Protects the body against cancer through anti-oxidant activity.
  • Red chilli pepper contains high amount of vitaminA and vitamin E

Quality of red chilli peppers relies primarily on colour, pungency and microbial and insect contamination. Team Nature’s Mixed Chilli Powder is a home-made product keeping its purity to 100%. Our product is a mixture of 50% red chilli pepper and 50% of Kashmiri chilli powder. With the combination of these two chillies provide colour and spiciness to your dishes. 

Several types of adulteration are possible and have been reported at various times. But we ensure quality products with its traditional taste and purity. These are freshly ground chilly powders without adding any preservatives which we bring at your doors.