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Organic Red Mayyil Rice, Organic Red Rice, Organic Shreyas Rice, മയ്യിൽ റൈസ്,മയ്യിൽ മട്ട റൈസ്, ശ്രേയസ് റൈസ് - Buy Online

Red rice is rich in proteins, lipids, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

One of the most popular rice variants of Kerala is Shreyas.

Shreyas rice takes shorter duration for harvesting. It takes only 115 days for harvesting and it grows in both the seasons- kharif(The cropping season starts with the onset of monsoon in India)and rabi (Cropping starts in October or November and harvesting in spring). This rice has good resistance to pests.

Mayyil rice is produced by Mayyil Rice Producer Company Limited,;a farmer-producer organisation in Mayyil, Kannur district. The company is branding their rice as Mayyil Rice. This rice is offered as semi polished;which is most suitable form for regular eating. The par boiled rice is processed in-farm, boiled in old fashioned way in large vats and then dried without showing sunlight. This dried rice is taken to special mini mills in Mayyil for milling so that it retains 60% bran.

When it come to cooking and eating quality, it is soft, very tasty and cooks quite easily. As Shreyas rice is healthy and tasty, it is one of the most popular red rices in Kerala. It is very good as par boiled, raw rice and can be used for dosa batter too.

Usually parboiled rice is ready to use a few weeks after harvest, but the raw rice is ready for processing only after the paddy has been at least for six months old. Aged rice is expected to be better for well-being.