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Natural Homemade Coriander Powder, മല്ലിപൊടി, Malli podi, Dhania, धनिया buy online

Coriander (Dhaniya) scientifically called Coriander sativum L. is a prime flavouring substance in India. It has a pleasant aromatic odour. Coriander powder is extensively used in preparing curry powder, pickles, chutneys and sauces. one can buy coriander powder online or it could be powdered at home.

Coriander is known for its medicinal values. Ayurveda prefers coriander to be included in diet. Coriander seeds are cleaned thoroughly and dried in sun. These dried coriander seeds are ground into fine powder from trusted spice mills and are packed safely. There is no added preservatives and it is 100% natural.

Malli podi is a Malayalam term used to refer to coriander powder. Coriander powder is made by grinding dried coriander seeds into a fine powder. It is a common spice used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisine to add flavor and aroma to dishes. Here are some ways to use malli podi or coriander powder in cooking:

Use it as a spice rub for meats: Mix coriander powder with other spices like cumin, chilli powder, and turmeric to make a spice rub for meats like chicken, lamb, and beef.

Add it to curries and stews: Coriander powder is a common ingredient in curries and stews, where it is used to add flavour and aroma. It pairs well with other spices like cumin, turmeric, and ginger.

Sprinkle it over roasted vegetables: Roasted vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower taste great when sprinkled with coriander powder.

Use it in marinades: Coriander powder can be used in marinades for meats and vegetables, adding flavour and tenderising the ingredients.

Make spice blends: Coriander powder is a common ingredient in many spice blends, like garam masala and curry powder. You can make your own blends by mixing coriander powder with other spices that you like.

Coriander powder is a versatile spice that can be used in many different dishes to add flavour and aroma. It is widely available in grocery stores and can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for several months.