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Home Made Chicken Masala Powder, Meat Masala Powder, ചിക്കൻ മസാല പൊടി Buy Online

 Chicken Masala is a combination of many different spices. Usually it will be prepared in bulk and stored. As all of us are busy with one or the other things in life, we prefer to buy the masala from outside.  This masala  gives your chicken/ meat dishes wonderful taste and awesome fragrant as it is freshly roasted and ground before packing for you. We can prepare multiple types of tasty dishes with this masala. 

The ingredients of these Masala Powders vary from place to place. 

Ingredients added to this masala are :

  1. Coriander Powder/Malli 
  2. Turmeric Powder/Manjal
  3. Chilly Powder/Vattal Mulaku
  4. Black Pepper Powder/Kurumulaku
  5. Fenugreek/Uluva
  6. Cumin/Jeerakam
  7. Fennel Seeds/PerumJeerakam
  8. Cloves/Grambu
  9. Green Cardamom/Elakka
  10. Cinnamon/Karuva Patta
  11. Star Anise/Thakkolam
  12. Nutmeg/Jathikka
  13. Mace/Jathipathri