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Jathipathri, Javithri, Javitri, Mace, Nutmace, ജാതിപത്രി, जावित्री buy online

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Jathipathri(ജാതിപത്രി) or Javithri or Mace is made from the waxy red covering of nutmeg seeds. Nutmeg is grown on the Konkan belt especially in the state of Kerala. Because of its rich flavour, jathipathri shopping has hiked in online markets.

It is highly prized spice for its aromatic, stimulant and curative effects. Mace’s flavor is very similar to that of nutmeg. It is strongly fragrant, resinous and homely in taste.

Jathipathri can be used much like nutmeg in dishes like cakes and spice cookies. It can also be used in Biriyani, curries, soups, cream sauces, roasts, and a range of other dishes.

Health Benefits of Jathipathri

  • Jathipathri will keep your skin and hair in good conditions.
  • Jathipathri ensures good dental care too.