Pure And Natural Raw Cheruthen (Small Honey) From Kerala Hills buy online

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Rs. 600.00

Pure and Natural Raw Cheruthen (Cheru then, Stingless bee honey, Small Honey, Little Bee honey, നാടൻ ചെറുതേൻ) buy online

Stingless bee honey buy online. Small honey online shopping kerala. Buy cheruthen online 

Natural small honey has been used as Food And Medicine for many years. stingless bees collects honey and nectar from coco palm, banana, guava, papaya, mango, tamarind, thumbapoo, touch-me-not plant (thottavadi), jackfruit tree, Tulsi , communist pacha and kulir mavu. For this reason small bee honey is more nutritious and have more medicinal values. Cheruthen is different from the normal honey(vanthen). This Cheruthen is sourced naturally from traditional beekeepers. Honey provided by Teamnature is not adulterated, it is cent percent natural.

Some of the Health benefits of Cheruthen are here:

  1. Improve health and build a robust immune system
  2. Plays an important role in reducing weight 
  3. Acts as natural sweetener and can be used as substitute of sugar in medicinal/food purposes
  4. It heals wounds and is an antiseptic that can be used to treat cuts and bruises.
  5.  Reduces obesity, if used daily with warm water