Pure Organic Homemade Ghee From Cow’s Milk (Nadan Pashuvin Neyyu) buy online

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Rs. 720.00

Pure Organic Homemade Ghee From Cow’s Milk (Nadan Pashuvin Neyyu, Clarified Butter, desi ghee, നാടൻ പശുവിന്റെ നെയ്യ്) buy online

Order home made ghee from cow's milk

Ghee is the most gifted ingredient in Indian kitchen. It is also known as clarified butter or desi ghee. According to ancient Ayurveda, it is full of essential nutrients, fatty acids, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidants and antiviral properties.

Cow ghee is prepared using traditional methods without using any types of machinery or adulterated ingredients. Curd made from desi/nadan milk is carried through a process of hand churning to get top quality authentic butter which is then washed, boiled to remove the water milk contents until it separates the pure ghee and finally strained to separate the burnt solid fats and ghee.

Apart from culinary use, it has an important role in traditional occasions too.

 Why to add Cow ghee in diet?

  1. Helps to keep blood pressure normal  and a healthy heart.
  2. Lubrication of joint. Important for bone health. Builds strong bones.
  3. Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and brain. Aids in overall brain Health.
  4. Helps in dry Skin and Dark Circles makes Glowing skin and cures hair fall.
  5. Enhances and improves eyesight. It helps to control eye pressure. Beneficial to glaucoma patients.
  6. Removes impurities from the body and strengthens the immune system.
  7. Reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL), improves Good Cholesterol (HDL)
  8. Helps in digestion.
  9. Rich with antioxidants.
  10. Removes stubborn fat.

How to check its purity?

Heat a pan and add a spoonful of ghee. If the color of the ghee changes to reddish brown, then it is pure.